At Encino Veterinary Clinic  we are proud of our surgical suites, which are modeled after those at the prestigious Cedars Sinai Hospital.  Both operatories are positive pressure rooms, meaning that airflow always exits the room, creating a dust barrier and maintaining sterility within. EVC offers soft tissue surgery, cancer surgery, spay and neuter, treatment of eyelid masses, and orthopedic surgery. We have board certified specialists in surgery to perform the advanced orthopedic procedures such as anterior cruciate ligament repair.All patients receive intravenous fluid therapy, cardiac and respiratory monitoring, oxygen saturation measurement, EKG, and audible breathing pattern devices during anesthesia.  Pre-operative laboratory testing is routinely performed, including the evaluation of blood clotting times.Intraoperatively, patients are intensively monitored.  Gas anesthesia with medical grade 100% oxygen is routinely used.  Recovery is in a quiet, warm environment and pain management is our major priority. Many surgeries can be costly.  Encino Veterinary Clinic provides a detailed estimate of charges in advance so that pet owners have no surprises at checkout time.

  • No Food or Water after Midnight

  • Dropoff 8:00 – 8:30 AM

  • Notify us of Medications in last 24 hours

  • Vaccines must be current

  • Exam and pre-anesthetic Bloodwork may be Required

  • In rare cases, overnight stay may be required

  • Pick Up and Delivery of Pets is Available


Monday – Firday8:00AM – 6:00PM
Saturday8:00AM – 12:00PM

(818) 783-7387



At Encino Veterinary Clinic, we hold ourselves to a very high standard. We want you to know that you’re receiving the very best in Veterinary Care when you trust us with your pet. Our doctor, James Isaacs, and every member of our staff are experienced and professional and we use the latest technology to insure the very best treatment possible.

My cats have had excellent care here, and I wouldn’t trust any other clinic. They really are the best.

 I will definitely be bringing my future pets back to this place. Very professional and helpful ! Also I had called a few places for reptile examinations and by far the best price I was able to find.

I brought my puppy here for his neutering…..everything went well and he’s doing great.


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At Encino Veterinary Clinic, We’re HERE for your pets, Monday through Saturday. Sometimes we can even book an appointment for the same day. We also offer pick-up and delivery of pets, for exams, and grooming.