Eye problems are common in pets.  At Encino Veterinary Clinic we are equipped to diagnose and treat eye problems in dogs, cats and exotic pets.Among the diagnostic techniques we offer are:  — Schirmir Tear Test:  Evaluates tear production and diagnoses “dry eye”, known as KCS.

– Fluorescein Staining Technique:  Allows visualization of corneal ulcers and corneal injuries with a special dye that glows under ultraviolet light.

– Tonometry:  This is the device to measure the intraocular pressure within the eye in order diagnose and monitor glaucoma.

– Direct ophthalmoscopy:  This device allows visualization of the lens and retina for the evaluation of a variety of eye diseases.

We maintain a comprehensive pharmacy for the treatment and management of many eye diseases.  In addition, we work with a two specialists in ophthalmology for the treatment of cataracts.


  • Corneal Ulcers & Injuries

  • Dry-Eye, or KCS

  • Glaucoma

  • Cataracts


Monday – Firday8:00AM – 6:00PM
Saturday8:00AM – 12:00PM

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Communication among the staff, Communication between the doctor and the patient, entering the correct information into the patients’ records, and communicating information regarding your pet’s health to you, the client, is of utmost importance.

My cats have had excellent care here, and I wouldn’t trust any other clinic. They really are the best.

 I will definitely be bringing my future pets back to this place. Very professional and helpful ! Also I had called a few places for reptile examinations and by far the best price I was able to find.

I brought my puppy here for his neutering…..everything went well and he’s doing great.


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